Beard and Moustache Fun - Your New Santa Look

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What is this?

We love Christmas fun as much as anyone else here at Shaver Advice, so we're sharing the fun around.

This is an opportunity to try out some different looks as Santa, and of course we include a few moustache and beard options, (and even eyebrows - Santa provides a wealth of personal grooming opportunities).

You'll need a web cam for this, and a modern browser. Firefox and Chrome work best, and this is the one page on our site NOT optimised for mobile. But give it a try anyway, you never know you luck.

Before you start - allow your browser to use your web camera

Otherwise nothing will work ;)

Your browser can't just go using your web camera without your permission - this would allow naughty web sites to spy on you if you happened to visit them. So to use our Santa Styler, you'll have to follow the instructions below.

Note that unfortunately we only support recent versions of Firefox and Chrome. If you use a different browser, we really hope you're not too disappointed. Check back later however, since we'll add more browser support and new themes to our styler.


When Chrome wants to use your web cam, it asks like this:

Click 'Allow' to let Chrome access the cam - then you can take your picture!


Firefox likes to ask like this:

To take your picture, click the tricky 'Share Selected Device' button (we don't think it really looks like a button).