Grooming Tips For a Masculine Beard

Wondering how you can groom your beard? Don’t want to shave it off? Well, beards are nothing short of a style statement and, if you can manage to groom it the right way, there’s nothing like it. Everyone has their own beard style and preferences but, when it comes to grooming, the steps and tricks are pretty much the same for everyone.

Just like any other part of the body, there are certain tips and techniques that help with grooming a beard more efficiently. The more thick and long the beard is, the more maintenance it requires. However, this maintenance isn’t too hard, as long as you know exactly what to do.

Let’s have a look at some simple but effective tricks to groom your beard the right way:

  1. Conditioning

Yes, your beard requires conditioning, and even more so if it’s a thick and long one. Thick beards tend to become rougher as they grow out, and this roughness eventually makes the beard look unhealthy, unruly ad coarse. To avoid this, you must condition your beard at least 3 times a week and give it some nice exfoliation. This will also help with making the skin around your beard more moist and supple. You could also use a tiny comb to run through your beard while the conditioner is in it, to get rid of any knots or dead skin.

  1. Skin type

Understanding your skin type can greatly help with knowing what type of tools and products you have to use. The shaving cream, after care, type of electric shaver or trimmer, all of these have an impact in your skin. Let’s say you have sensitive skin on your face, then you must use the appropriate products to avoid rashes, hair fall, roughness and also a lack of lustre and volume.

  1. Using the right tools

The technique of grooming also has a lot to do with using the right grooming tools and also, knowing the technique of maintenance. When you use the wrong tools, you’re most likely going to end up with a style you don’t really want but also don’t know how to fix. Thanks to technology, there are lots of different tools available today that have been designed especially for people who want to groom their facial hair the right way. The best thing to do is check out a guide or a tutorial where you can learn more about different shavers. And, to ensure that your shaver is always in good shape, you could check out this guide to clean an electric shaver.

  1. Make a routine

If you’re someone who has a busy schedule and finds it difficult to make time for grooming, the best plan of action would be to have a standard grooming routine in place. Time yourself, find out how long you require to shave or trim your beard, and also to clean it. Always keep your beard-related products at a specific place, so that you don’t have to waste time searching for them, and then you can have a grooming time table of sorts ready!

  1. Eat right, always

Eat right always

A healthy beard doesn’t only have to do with what you use on it externally. Eating healthy and getting all the nutrition in is also essential. Omega-3, Vitamin B, and also Vitamin A are known to be a great source of proteins minerals and nourishment for facial hair to grow thick and evenly. You will also fuel your beard growth is you’re looking to sport a longer one.

  1. Keep it clean

Keeping your beard clean is not just about the way it looks or feels, it also plays a major part in maintaining hygiene. Not washing and cleaning your beard regularly can cause a build up of bacteria or germs, which can in turn lead to other health issues and skin irritation. None of this is pleasant, and is a lot harder to deal with over time. So, ensure that you clean and wash your beard regularly.

Final Thoughts

As long as you understand the basics of having a groomed and clean beard, nothing can stop you from flaunting it! Beards can be a great accessory, but they definitely require care and maintenance. For all practical reasons, you can follow the above steps, to become a master of grooming!

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