Can you exfoliate by shaving?

jime-razorHow many men have been told by the women in their lives they should do a better job of looking after their faces?

“Wow, look at your pores, you really need to moisturize/exfoliate/cleanse”

“Wow, look at your pores, you really need to cleanse/exfoliate/moisturize”

But are you doing a better job than her in at least one part of the facial trilogy of cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing?

There’s been a lot of attention paid to the exfoliation value of shaving lately, with the focus, oddly enough, on women.

Most recently (way back in 2010) it all started with Dr. Oz right here where a woman relates the tale of her model mother shaving every day to avoid wrinkles.

Shave or die?

Actually, the idea of shaving to look younger goes back even further than that. Viktor Frankl, writing about surviving in a concentration camp in Word War 2, was told on arrival to shave every day, even with a piece of glass, to ensure he looked young and healthy to avoid being sent to his death.

The stakes aren’t as high these days, but there’s suddenly as much emphasis on shaving for exfoliation as there was back then, but the target is different – women.

Articles are being published all over the world extolling the amazing results of shaving and clearly targeting women.

Shave those wrinkles away

The rationalization for promoting facial shaving to women is that men develop fewer fine wrinkles as they age, and that the constant exfoliation that shaving provides must be the key.

So men, typically laggards in facial care, must be miles ahead of women, right?

Not so fast. Do you shave your nose? Your forehead? For your sake I really hope you don’t have to!

These are two of the most important areas of your face to exfoliate.

So why are men getting less fine wrinkles than women? Mostly it’s because they have much thicker skin (literally) on their faces, which is more likely to crease over time, but wont develop fine wrinkles like the thinner facial skin of women.

So women, stick to the scrubs and exfoliation beads, and men, you should definitely listen to the women in your life, and pay more attention to your skin.

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