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The 5 Best Websites For Women, 2019

Hello and welcome to our curated list of websites worthy of your daily attention.

We published our list for men last week and pointed out there’s an awful lot of stuff published on the Internet. I’m sure you’re painfully aware of that so we won’t labor the obvious.

Let’s just say visualising all the content on the Internet is like visualising the distance between here and Pluto. Hard to do.

So we’ve sorted the wheat from the mega-tonnes of chaff and came up with a list that merits your bookmarks.

The 6 Best Websites For Men

Do you know how many articles are published per day on the Internet? Me neither, but on alone, there’s something like 1.5 million posts published per day.

And the wildly popular commands a “measly” 23% of the Internet. How much is published on the other 78%?

I don’t know that either; I try not to think about it because it hurts my brain. So who’s got time to sort through all the dross for the few worthwhile gems?

That would be us. You’re welcome.