The 6 Best Websites For Men

Do you know how many articles are published per day on the Internet? Me either, but on alone, there’s something like 1.5 million posts published per day.

Per day.

And the wildly popular commands a “measly” 23% of the Internet. How much is published on the other 78%?

I don’t know that either; I try not to think about it because it hurts my brain.

So who’s got time to sort through all the dross for the few worthwhile gems?

That would be us. You’re welcome. 

You know we’re committed to providing you the best possible information on shaving products. We also know there’s more to a man’s life than the latest foil replacements from Braun.

So we’ve compiled the only sites you need to check daily to keep abreast of all things manly.

We’ve looked for the most informative, relevant and entertaining sites going. In short, sites that are going to help your every day life.

Note: this isn’t one of those “60 Men’s Fashion Sites That Will Save Your Life” type articles.

Who’s got time to work through 60 sites? That’s work. Who wants to work when they’re browsing the web?

So here’s the only six sites you need to check daily (and one of them’s optional).

The Best Guys Website For Getting Into Shape

Website review:


Breaking Muscle stands out from the fitness crowd.

In a world full of bros in tights (or not) singlets, Breaking Muscle offers well informed advice, and they have something for everyone.

Technical advice for your next bench press competition? Or a comprehensive series on bodyweight exercises? Maybe just some good old motivation from coaches who’ve trained hundreds of people. And nutrition. And psychology. Injury management too.

What are you waiting for? If you have any kind of physical ambition at all you need to check them out.

The Best Website For Being a Better Man

The New Man


Hey, not that there’s anything wrong with you.

But we can all be better, right?

To be fair, The New Man Podcast isn’t exactly a website, (you’re listening to podcasts, right? They’re the other half of the Internet). But you can listen to the podcast on the website though.

Tripp Lanier has coached all kinds of people, famous and not so famous, to be their best.

He opens up conversations on subjects that we, as guys, don’t get to talk about a lot. He covers everything from relationships, sex, money, career and everything else in life.

The Best Websites For Mens Style

Yeah, websites because there’s no one website to cover style for everyone. Or not well anyway.

So let us present two of the best.

From the smart end of the mens style spectrum: Articles of Style



These guys are the cat’s pyjamas. As it were. This site features shockingly smart outfits that aren’t fussy.

For casual style that’s just as smart as Articles of Style, check out Four Pins. They cover left of center casual wear, smart streetwear and custom pieces from streetwear designers.

best mens blogs four pins

The Best Website For Mens Cologne

best mens blogs grooming guru

Oh yeah, cologne. Aftershave if you want to be less fancy about it.

You might value it for practical purposes — it’s a great astringent for post-shave conditioning — but it also opens up another world of style.

We’re recommending the Grooming Guru here. He covers a lot of mens products, but you can how close scents are to his heart.

He delivers no-nonsense appraisals of mens scents with a good rundown of the scent components, packaging and price.

The Best Website For Crazy Mens [email protected]#$!

Unique Gift Ideas for Men


Ever stuck for a present to get your buddy? The Gifts For Men is an awesome site to check out. Their value is primarily based on their curating efforts.

The product descriptions are helpful and you can buy directly through the site.

I just like looking through the products.

Final Thoughts

We hope you’ve found these sites useful and give you some great daily reading.

Of course, we love to know what sites you’re enjoying, so if you like (or hate!) one in particular, let us know in the comments!

Also, we’d love to hear about your own recommended sites.

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