You wouldn’t think there’d be that much to shaving.

You get up, get started your groomer of choice — be it an electric shaver or a plastic disposable — and remove some hair.

Just a small thing out of your day, but since it’s part of your daily routine, that little thing can turn into a big deal if it’s not working out for you.

After several years of swinging between shaving rash and hairy cheeks, it dawned on me.

I have the devil’s combination of sensitive skin and tough stubble. None of the usual advice worked for me.

I hit the internet and spent a few years migrating from plastic disposables to old-school brushes, shave creams and double-edged blades, and finally to electric.

Over that time I spent more hours than I’d like to think about learning about shaving, shaving products and shaving technique.

I hope to be able to pass some of that on here at ShavingAdvice.com